At the end ​of this course, participants will have learned theory on:

  • Follow Safety Program (U6300)
  • Prepare for Emergencies (U6301)
  • Follow Health/Hygiene Guidelines (U6302)
  • Practice Effective Communication (U6303)
  • Manage Work Area Activities (U6304)
  • Manage Employees (U6305)
  • Assess/Control/Apply Ventilation Systems (U6306)

This course is highly participative with various group discussions as we advance through the subjects. Individuals can bring their own copy of the OHSA, or one can be provided on loan for the 3 days.

Upon completion of the course, successful participants must demonstrate competency in each module to their employer and employer's MAESD approved signing authority.


  1. Current, standard level WSIB approved first aid certificate
  2. As a MINIMUM, MAESD accreditation in the following mandatory modules from the appropriate Common Core Program:
  • P#770150 (U0000, U0001, U0002) - Underground Diamond Drilling Operations
  • P#770200 (U0651, U0652) - Surface Diamond Drilling Operations
  • P#770210 (U5030, U5031, U5032) - Surface Miner Program
  • P#770225 (U0000, U0001, U0002) - Underground Hard Rock Mine Service Types

Duration: 3 days, 8 hrs/day

Participants: any individual supervising workers in surface mining operations; surface and underground diamond drilling operations; and surface and underground electrical and mechanical mining trades. 

Location: courses regularly scheduled at all Northern College campuses (see their website or Facebook for latest schedule); courses can also be scheduled for private sessions at a firm's location - upon request.

Learn the required skills of supervising others in a mine environment.

The Common Core for Generic First Line Supervisor Program #770141 is intended for supervisors directly employed by the mine or diamond drilling company who supervise workers in surface mining operations; surface and underground diamond drilling operations and surface and underground electrical and mechanical trades.

This course is administered by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD, formerly MTCU) and enforced by the Ministry of Labour (MOL). Individuals have up to one year to complete all seven modules of this program, commencing the day they are given supervisor responsibilities.

FYI - surface mining operations also includes municipal pits and landfill sites.

Are you engaged in excavation operations, other than mining for minerals, such as sand pits, gravel pits, quarries, specialized stone for construction, etc?

From the program guidelines, an operating surface mine and/or associated mining plant is a pit or quarry where metallic or non-metallic rock, mineral bearing, earth, clay, sand or gravel is being or has been removed by means of an excavation open to the surface to supply material for construction, industrial or manufacturing purposes and includes any work, undertaking or facility used in connection therewith but does not include a cutting for a right of way for a highway or a railroad. 

Surface mine operations would include the activities that are needed to operate the surface mine. These would include the pit, quarry or excavation, the processing plant, maintenance shops, storage facilities, mine road building and maintenance, pumps, generators and material-handling operations directly conducted at the surface mine location.

Gen Supervisor CC

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