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Protect your employees - and protect your bottom line.

InDepth Safety Solutions is highly experienced and qualified and can deliver a comprehensive array of services to support your company’s safety efforts. The Occupational Health and Safety Act in Ontario is very clear on the requirements of every employer to have a health and safety program, consisting of prescribed elements catering to protecting the health and safety of every employee in their workplaces.

Small businesses tend to fall under the radar  when it comes to understanding their equal obligation to abide by the occupational laws of their jurisdiction - that is until there is a serious workplace incident and they must answer to charges in front of a provincial judge. In most cases where it is found that the employer was not complying to OHS Law and practicing Due Diligence, the resulting fines are tremendous and can greatly impact your bottom line.

First and foremost is the protection of your employees.  Why else should you apply a solid health and safety program in your workplace?

  • Greater productivity and efficiency
  • Workforce retention
  • Attraction of a workforce that is safety-minded
  • Competitively advantageous
  • Public respect
  • Workplace morale

Financial performance will surely improve:

  • Medical and rehabilitation costs minimized
  • Workers compensation premiums reduced
  • Repair or replacement costs of assets
  • Minimal downtown
  • Efforts of management, supervisors, workers are not redirected to accident investigations
  • Financial incentives from government, such as WSIB rebates

Do you have the knowledge and time to build and apply your safety program? Consider the benefits of hiring a consultant!

  • Specific expertise - it is what we do
  • Unbiased problem solving - a catalyst for change
  • No need to hire additional staff - in the long run, consultants are more cost-effective
  • Reduced overhead - pay a little now or pay a lot later
  • We are teachers of the latest legislation - information is key
  • Business promotion - specifically yours, not ours
  • Focused on high achieving results - it's our livelihood!
Train the Trainer
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Health and Safety Program Audit

Is there something you need help with regarding anything to do with safety or training, and it is not listed within our services? No worries - there are many other services we can offer. 

We can provide consultation in the following additional subjects:

  • Supervisor and/or safety personnel mentoring
  • Safety meeting facilitation
  • Trainer observations (JTO) and annual audits
  • Due Diligence assessments
  • Training curriculum authoring
  • Safety and/or training manual authoring or re-writing
  • Workplace incident investigations
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) authoring
  • Site/Project safety and training coordination (on contract) 

​Contact ISS for further information on any additional services. 

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Workplace Inspections

Additional Consultation

​​Workplace inspections are crucial to help prevent incidents, injuries and illnesses. Regular inspections are an integral element of a company’s health and safety program. Through a critical examination of the workplace, InDepth Safety Solutions can identify and record hazards for corrective action.  Joint Health and Safety Committees can assist in the planning, conducting, reporting and monitoring of these inspections.

Here are some of the many reasons why regular health and safety inspections should be a priority for your company:

  • listen to the concerns of workers and supervisors
  • gain further understanding of jobs and tasks
  • identify existing and potential hazards
  • determine underlying causes of hazards
  • recommend corrective action
  • monitor steps taken to eliminate hazards or control the risk (e.g., engineering controls, administrative controls, policies, procedures, personal protective equipment)
  • strengthen the company's Internal Responsibility System (IRS)
  • to comply with obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

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Owner and Lead Consultant Gary Gagain has been professionally involved in mechanized raising for many years, being a strategic adviser and internal consultant for one of the world's leading mining contracting companies.  He has also established solid bonds with the owners and managing directors of the prime raise climber manufacturer and provider located in Southern Ontario, Canada.

We are very proud of our experience and expertise in mechanized raise climbers, which is evident in the work that we do for our clients, including the comprehensive documentation we develop within any and all raise climber program elements.

We can provide consultation in the following:

  • Inspection, auditing, and commissioning Mechanized Raise Climber setups
  • Permitting and compliance establishment
  • Developing safe task procedures for raise mining and development
  • Design and apply a training program for mechanized raising
  • Travel both domestically and internationally to audit raising projects
  • Basic mechanical training (NOTE: thorough mechanical training available upon special request)
  • General consultation on research and development (R&D)

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In Ontario, EMPLOYERS are obligated under the ACT to prepare a written occupational health and safety policy, review that policy at least once a year, and set up a program to implement it and to support their commitment stated in the policy. 

Where a company already has an established Health and Safety Program in place, InDepth Safety Solutions can be called upon to audit its effectiveness and identify any gaps in its implementation.

The objectives established for a Health and Safety Program audit are as follows:

  • To assess the extent to which the appropriate management framework is in place to support legislative and agency requirements for managing your Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Program.
  • To examine whether required components of the OHS Program are in place and consistent with legislation and policies and followed as required.
  • To assess the degree to which your company is fulfilling its training and information sharing responsibilities for a healthy and safe work environment.
  • To assess the overall monitoring of the OSH Program and its results.

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Health and Safety Program Development​​

OH&S Law and Compliance in Ontario - Due Diligence

Consulting Services

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A health and safety program is a definite plan of action designed to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. Some form of a program is required under occupational health and safety legislation in most Canadian jurisdictions. A health and safety program must include the elements required by the health and safety legislation as a minimum.

In Ontario the OHSA is clear that every employer under provincial jurisdiction is required to take every precaution reasonable under the circumstance for the protection of a worker. This includes, but is not limited to, providing training, keeping employees informed of hazards and developing safe work procedures. 

InDepth Safety Solutions can help you understand your obligations under OHSA and work in accordance with the laws and regulations of your industry. We can assist in the development of your Health and Safety Program, highlighting your policies and commitment to the health and safety of your employees. Additionally, ISS can provide training on your new program, as well as any existing program, and provide you with the resources needed to effectively maintain your entire health and safety system.

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